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What Are Clincher Tongs

When it comes to Power Truck Services, there are many different types of equipment that are used for drilling. One of the most popular pieces of drilling equipment is hydraulic power tongs or clincher tongs as many people in the industry call them. These tongs are necessary when it comes to drilling efficiently and effectively.

What Are Clincher Tongs?

Clincher tongs (hydraulic power tongs) are a type of tong that is operated by hydraulic fluid or by air to move a very confined space under pressure. These tongs come with large capacity pliers and also include a self-locking mechanism to better grip a drip to apply maximum torque power.

Clincher tongs can produce anywhere from 4500 ft. lbs to 28,000 ft. lbs worth of torque depending on the type of drilling operation you have set up. Having the right type of clincher tongs can ensure that your drilling equipment has the power it needs to get to the depths you require.

Tongs also come in sizes from 13 3/8″ to 2 3/8″ sizes. The size of the tongs you use really depends on the conditions that surround the type of drilling you will be doing, such as soil type, hole size, etc.

How Are They Used?

Clincher tongs are typically delivered and operated via power truck services. These trucks can bring the size of tongs you need right to your job site to make for easy drilling convenience. These power trucks typically come with computer monitoring systems to help you keep track of torque to make sure you don’t damager or break drilling equipment.

Choosing a clincher tongs Edson Alberta service with experience can help you to make sure you get the right clincher tongs for the job at hand as well as all of the equipment to ensure a safe and efficient drilling experience.