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How To Prepare for Storm Season

As storm season approaches, it’s important to make sure you are ready for it. Heavy thunderstorms often come with the threat of tornadoes. Even if a tornado doesn’t hit your home directly, a storm in the area can still do great damage to your roof and the exterior of your home. Here are three ways you can help minimize your potential losses.

Trim Trees and Bushes

The main threats to your roof during storm season are hail and debris. You can’t control a hailstorm, but regular yard maintenance can help you significantly reduce the number of twigs and leaves that thrash against your house. Find a trusted landscaper in your area to help you keep your trees and bushes trimmed so that errant debris doesn’t have the chance to tear up your roof.

Collect Emergency Repair Contact Information

Regardless of your best efforts, a bad storm may still damage your home’s exteriors. When that happens, it helps to already have contact information for St Louis roofing and exteriors experts on hand. One quick call can get repair personnel to your home in a timely manner so that the damage can be fixed, helping you avoid further problems such as interior water damage and a compromised structure.

Review Insurance Coverage

Before storm season begins, review your insurance policies. Don’t assume that your basic homeowner’s package covers all storm-related issues. Talk to your agent about the additional policies that would be helpful for residents in your particular area. Hopefully you will never have to file a claim, but it is better to have coverage you end up not needing than to need coverage you don’t have.

Being prepared for whatever may come your way just makes good sense. When you know storm season is approaching, take a few extra precautions to get ready for it.