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3 Easy Ways To Spruce up a Dingy Bathroom

Whether you have purchased a new home with a bathroom that leaves much to be desired or you simply want to enhance your current home, there are myriad ways to give it a quick facelift. Here are some simple things you can do to spruce your dingy bathroom up.

Add Some Fun Tile

Add some colorful tile to your tub or shower to instantly give your bathroom a new look. Visit your local tile store Honolulu HI for some inspiration if you feel stumped or simply to see what is available. If your budget isn’t large, don’t be discouraged. Consider adding a single strip of colorful tile to your shower walls or the area surrounding your tub, for starters. 

Get New Linens

It may seem silly, but sometimes all it takes to give a room a whole new vibe is to change the color scheme by getting new, colorful towels, washcloths, and valances (if you have windows). Avoid whites or light neutrals and choose a pop color that makes your bathroom seem more fun and modern. You’ll be shocked by just how much of a difference adding some color can make.

Add Functional Storage

If you are the type of person who has a bathroom full of makeup, toiletries, and other various odds and ends, you’ll need somewhere to store them instead of keeping everything out on your vanity (many of us are guilty of this). Find some interesting storage solutions, such as a small, unique chest of drawers from your local antique shop or a wall-mountable vanity to save space and keep everything organized.

Making an old, outdated bathroom look and feel like new can be easy. Follow some of these quick tips, and you’ll have your own little relaxing sanctuary that you can enjoy for years to come.