Ways That You Can Add Light and Life to Your Living Room

Your living room should serve as one of the rooms in the house that offers comfort and relaxation. As the space where you entertain guests, watch a show or just kick back and put your feet up, you will want a setup that supports those activities. If it is feeling more dingy and uninviting than light and lively, here are a few ways that you can introduce life back into your living room.

Window Treatments

You may be surprised at the difference window treatments can have on the overall feel of a room. If your room is already feeling cramped or dark, you won’t want to add heavy treatments to the room. Instead, opt for solar shades Boston and light and airy treatments to help you give a fresh, open feeling.

Cozy Lighting

As you consider your lighting, be mindful of what types you introduce into the room. While you will want to illuminate the room, avoid unnecessarily harsh lighting or too little light. Consider a light that offers a warm glow and cozy ambiance to help you achieve your desired aesthetic.

Color Palette

Your color palette also has a sizable influence on your room’s atmosphere. While you can opt for bold and darker hues, keep in mind that this can often make a room look colder, smaller and less inviting. You want a balance of vibrant colors with an airy ambiance.


One easy change that you can make to your living room that will immediately bring life and light into the room is adding plants. Whether you elevate plants with hanging planters, add tableside potted plants or introduce tall plants to the room, you can transform a room with a few plants. Not only is this great for your look and feel, but it also provides fresher air and a homier experience.

Your living room has endless possibilities. Transform it into something stunning, bright and beautiful with one or a few of these changes. You may be shocked at the difference these small changes can make in introducing light and life to the room.…

4 Simple Yet Effective Steps to Remove Sticky Substances From Wooden Flooring

4 Simple Yet Effective Steps to Remove Sticky Substances From Wooden Flooring

Wooden flooring has become the latest buzz word among the homeowners and the home designers and developers all over the world. It is becoming increasing popular and has become the hottest flooring option for large number of people, as it lends elegance and beauty to the room and enhances the overall decor of the house.

Wooden flooring looks amazing but requires special care and attention when compared to other regular flooring. This is all the more true when sticky substances like chewing gum get stuck on the wooden flooring and cannot be removed by normal cleaning methods. Removing chewing gum and other sticky substance from flooring is a tricky affair and requires special technique. Resorting to impulsive method of applying too much force or using chemicals cleaners may damage the flooring further.

Sticky substances like gum are very hard and difficult to remove, but there is a way to remove and get rid of it by following these four simple Steps.

Step 1: First, using your fingers try to remove as much chewing gum as possible from the floor. Collect small pieces of ice cubes from the fridge and put it into the plastic bag. Then keep plastic bag containing the ice cubes over the top of the gum. You will observe that the gum start hardening. Do not try to remove the gum immediately. Hardening process normally takes about 20 to 25 minutes.

Step 2: Then place plastic scale or small wooden paddle under one edge of the gum and gradually poke from below. Without applying much pressure start removing as much gum as possible from the wood. Ensure that you do this without scrapping the surface of the wood.

Step 3: Then take a clean piece of scrap cloth. Rinse a small portion of the cloth in mineral spirit and gently apply it to the remaining portion of the gum still sticking to the wood. The spirit works effectively on the gum as it dissolves the gum which eventually loses it’s grip on the wood. Allow the mineral spirit to remain on the wood for 5 to 10 minutes.

Step 4: Wipe the gum and mineral spirit from the wood with dry clean cloth. Spray wood polish onto the affected portion of the wood. Use smooth or lint-free cloth to wipe the surface. You will be amazed to see the stunning difference!…

Hardwood Floor Refinishing – When It’s Time To Do That?

Hardwood Floor Refinishing – When It’s Time To Do That?

Hardwood floor is considered the most efficient and sophisticated flooring choices for homes. It produces an extremely timeless but elegant finish that may last for decades. Even though hardwood flooring is reminiscent of old palaces in Europe as well as early American homes in the south, it still greatly suits present day houses.

However one minor disadvantage of having hardwood floors is it would wear off as time passes. Even though the floor might serve you for a lifetime, its finished finish can become lifeless and broken caused by excessive use. This wearing off can be greatly noticed on floors situated in areas of your house with higher visitors.

Worn out and dilapidated floors are not only seen annoying for the eye, they’re hard to clean up too. This is true especially for floors which have polishes or coatings that are cracking away. To put it briefly, keeping the beauty and original appeal of hardwood floors rely on regular upkeep or refinishing.

Even so, it’s good to notice that not all of the dullness or cracking away of your floor might need a complete refinishing job. In some cases, you just need plain old water and cloth to get back the glow in your wooden floor. Fortunately, there’s a method of checking out whether it’s time to just stand and use the mop or begin shifting your furnishings and get on your knees.

Right off the bat what you should do would be to visit the floor which is quite often used. And then drench this part with water, perhaps a tablespoon or two. After that watch.

In case the water instantly forms into little drops, this implies the protective polish of the wooden floor is doing the job so you don’t need the full scale refinishing; a wipe of moist cloth or stain remover is perhaps all it will take to have back the glow. Even so, in the event the water percolated in to the floor and caused it to be darker colored, the coating is definitely damaged and it’s time to do hardwood floor refinishing.

Hardwood floor refinishing isn’t a walk-in-the-park. It’s always wise to do the hiring of flooring experts who have both the know-how acquired from true experience and equipment to renew your over used floor. However, if you want to refinish your floor by doing the work on your own, you need to have at least basic knowledge how it can be done.…

Wooden Flooring Can Really Give A Home A Heart

Wooden Flooring Can Really Give A Home A Heart

Nothing appeals to the eye more than the soft, warm glow of wooden flooring. Any room in the home can be enhanced by this type of floor, including the kitchen. Research states that most people who are house hunting add wood floors to the wish list they have created, and resale value goes up when homes are sold that have some kind of wood flooring installed.

Many homeowners have opted to install this type of floor throughout their homes because it adds to the value of the home, and also aids in the resale value should the home be sold eventually. Many people ask their real estate agent to look for homes that have hardwood floors when they are house shopping.

Installing these types of floors is good for the environment, also. Wood is a natural product that is recyclable and renewable and is one way for anyone to have a positive impact on the environment. Using reclaimed wood from older sources is another flooring option. Then there’s engineered wooden flooring, which is a mesh of products overlaid with a digital image of real wood. Most cheap wooden flooring is engineered, but that doesn’t make it any less durable or attractive.

The wooden floor you choose to install is going to be as beautiful years from now as it is when it is first put down in your home. This is the one thing that people who have had wood floors for years can state positively. The floor still looks new after a long time of family traffic, pets, and other wear. Nothing hurts it!

Wooden floors that are properly cared for will last for years, and never look old and worn like other types of flooring that are on the market today. Hands down, wood floors will enhance the beauty of your home for many, many years. It it obviously the better choice, is affordable for most budgets, and will add extensively to the value of your home should you ever decide to sell.

Homes are not the only places that have been given a “face lift” with the addition of some type of wood floor. Many times you may see a floor made from reclaimed wood, meaning that the wood has been salvaged from some other source and given new life as a wood floor.

Do an online search to see what types of wooden flooring are available, and the unbelievable low prices. You will be wanting to put wood floors in your whole home after you see how affordable they are. Get away from the traditional types of floors that get old and worn before their time.…

Strong Versus Engineered Wooden Floors

Strong Versus Engineered Wooden Floors

The strong wooden and the engineered wooden floors are very famous all over the world and are widely used as well as they increase the beautification of the house. Both of these famous flooring surfaces have got different benefits and drawbacks. Given below I have separately discussed these two kind of wooden floors.

First of all, the strong wooden flooring, as its name implies it is very strong and powerful. The main advantage of these floors is that they last for decades and decades as they are very strong and solid. Besides strength, the strong wooden surfaces also add elegance and style to your house that catches the eyes of the visitors. These products are made from natural wood that is very strong and can be bought at a reasonable price from wood flooring stores. It is extensively utilized in North America because of its strength. One key problem with this kind of wooden floor is that they are damaged by dampness and temperature inflections.

The engineered wood floors are much more advanced type of floors. This kind of wooden surface utilizes natural strong wood as well as different sheets of plywood. Setting up the engineered floor is more complicated than any other type of flooring. It provides strength and opposes external harmful causes. As compared to the strong flooring, the engineered ones oppose factors such as dampness and temperature variations. They are more structurally stable as compared to the strong ones and also maintain the shine for long.

The main cause behind the fame of engineered wooden floors is that it opposes external damaging factors still the strong floors are also widely utilized because they are inexpensive, cost effective and very sturdy as well. Both types of wood floors are worth spending money for and you just have to analyze which one is perfect for your requirements.…

Wooden Floors and Having Them Installed

Wooden Floors and Having Them Installed

For anyone who wishes to install a wooden floor themselves, it is important that they know how tough this kind of job is. On the other hand though, it will also be something that will be the source of a lot of pride if you get it right. Choosing wood as a floor covering means that not only are you choosing something which will look fantastic, you are also choosing a durable long lasting material. Although you could in theory have wooden floors all over your home, it is not really a good idea to put it in a bathroom or kitchen because these areas are prone to excessive water which could cause the floor to either lift or rot.

Tips For Installing Wooden Floors

When it comes to making it easier to install your wooden floors, the following information should help you out.

– When ordering wood it is a good idea to have about 15% more wood than you actually need. This is because it is very likely that you are going to make a few mistakes and when you have to cut some wood you are going to have pieces left that you can’t use.

– Before you actually start work you should make sure that your wood has been left sitting in the room where it is to be laid for a few days. The purpose of this is for the wood to acclimatise to the humidity level in your home.

– Moving in a perpendicular direction to the joints in the floor is a wise move when putting down wooden flooring.

– Check the joints in the floor for any squeaks before you start laying the floor. If you do find areas where there are squeaks then you should use a long drywall screw to reinforce the area.

– Before you lay the wooden floor panels, you should add sheets of moisture protection as this is very important. If you want you could use vapor barrier paper.

– It is usual to begin at your longest wall and move out from there. Always make a point of nailing down the first two rows by hand. Drilling pilot holes for your finishing nails is something that you should take care of.

– It is important that the panel joints are not close to the panel joints in the next row – aim to leave a six inch gap.

– If you want to make sure that you are leaving the correct gap between the joints in each row, then the best thing to do is to lay out multiple panels at the same time.

– You can use a small piece of scrap wood for levelling out each row. You can use this piece of scrap wood to make sure that each piece of wood fits tighter against the other by placing the wood at the side of a wood panel and tapping gently with a hammer.

– The job will become much easier if you use a floor nailer and you can start using this once you have got going.

– The last row will probably require the use of a pry bar to ensure that you get a tighter fit.

Above are just a few tips for installing wooden floors; you will also need more in-depth instructions for completing the work.…