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Wooden Floor Restoration – DIY

Wooden Floor Restoration – DIY

Probably one of the most enjoyable DIY jobs at home is the work of wooden floor restoration. If you have the right equipments for this then you can be rest assured that your floor restoration work would be great. It is so good to see if you find your old surface absolutely refulgent like your spirit with a brand new look. But if right equipments are not employed in this case then I can definitely assure you that there will be some uneven deformities observed (usually at the middle of the floor). This simply spoils the whole look and feel of the space. So enjoy the work but at the same time ensure a good machine to be employed for this.

If you can manage to get hold of a parquet floor sander then you just can’t imagine how easy your job would become instantly. So you see you must grab hold of this easy to use sander. You just need to take out some time and move the machine over the wooden strips of your floor. The biggest advantage of using such a machine is that there are no hard and fast rules of following with the order of the grain actually. You can move the machine in any direction you please irrespective of the movement of the grain of the floor.

You can hire these machines from any of the known local hiring stores. You need two effective sanders for this. Now you have to punch two nails at least 1/8th of an inch. Have them embedded in this way so that you are able to fix the sand papers properly. But please do make sure that the machines that you get to hire from the local stores are brought in good conditions and they are not dilapidated or worn out as such. If not then you will have a real hard time cleaning the mess of dirt and sand which is very obvious after this. So be very careful to use the right equipments at this point of time.

The real good machines would usually have belts and sandpapers attached to it. You are required to tilt the machine at a proper angle and do the cleaning work. Mind it inexperienced hands can lead to injuries to your floor. They are usually of 110 volts and they have a transformer which is usually provided by these stores so you need not worry. But incase you feel you are not too sure of the application then get it known from the people supplying these things. They can be of good help to you.

For edges or staircases you will get the same thing which has been specifically designed to restore the wooden structure of the stairs. You must remember that these machines are quite powerful so do not allow it to rest over one point for a long time as it would simply eat its way into the floor. So have it moving in an even way from one place to another.