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Wood Laminate Floor Cleaning

Wood Laminate Floor Cleaning

Wood laminate floor cleaning is simple and quick. Wood laminate floors were created with quick and easy cleaning and overall maintenance in mind, especially when compared to regular wood floors, which need expensive and time-consuming regular maintenance. As such, it doesn’t take too much to keep wood laminate floors in perfect condition. You’ll just need to have the right equipment and cleaning solutions on hand, and to be ready to use them when you have to.

Firstly, always be vigilant; even material as stain resistant as wood laminate can be damaged or stained irreparably if left for too long. Always make sure to clean up any spilled substances immediately. Substances that are initially soft but which harden over time, such as chewing gum, can effectively be dealt with by placing ice on them to harden them and then by removing them immediately.

This brings us to the next tip. As many people have discovered to their regret, scratching is a real concern when it comes to cleaning laminate floors. The laminate may be damaged if these floors are scratched by furniture, pets, or in the course of cleaning (especially when removing substances such as bubblegum). Try to prevent scratches by keeping pets away from the area, or trimming their nails if they are to be kept around; cleaning as gently as possible; and using pads under furniture placed on your laminate floors.

Next, if and when you must clean your floor, you have to know that laminate floors cannot withstand being cleaned by materials that are soaked in too much water; they may warp or become delaminated if that is the case. You may choose to mop your floor, but use a damp mop instead of a wet one and dry immediately afterwards. A microfiber mop, which would absorb moisture very efficiently, would be good to use, as it would soak up the water right away.

You must also never polish or wax your floor as this could damage its lamination as well. You could use a special cleaning pad or microfiber pad to clean your floor (just make sure that it doesn’t have anything hard in it like sand or grit, which could scratch the floor). Or, if you would like to use a cleaning liquid, you could buy a special laminate floor cleaning fluid from a store – or you can make your own using a mixture of white vinegar and water. Sweep the floor first to rid it of any debris that could scratch it. Pour around ¼ cup of white vinegar into an empty 35-ounce spray-bottle and fill it with water. Cover the bottle and shake to mix. Spray floor with mixture and wipe immediately.

Lastly, if for whatever reason your wood laminate floor cleaning activities prove unsuccessful and a stain is visible and cannot be removed, no need to fret. Materials are available to conceal the damage and restore your floor to top shape. Or you can always hire someone to repair your laminate floor for you.