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Travertine Floor Tiles Are The Best Options

Travertine Floor Tiles Are The Best Options

If you are constructing a new home or planning to remodel an old home, travertine floor tiles are the best options for rooms like kitchens and bathrooms. There are many options for tiles in the market like ceramic, porcelain, marble, limestone, granite and many more. Travertine has many advantages in comparison to the other tiles in terms of longevity and beauty. These are natural stones that are present on the beds of hot springs. The natural colour of travertine is white. Because of the presence of certain impurities of minerals, many different colours are formed. The most popular colour is the beige. Manufacturers process these stones and give different polishes. Newer varieties of polishes leading to attractive finishes are quite popular. Other popular colours are red, white, gold and black.

The finishes of travertine floor tiles are unique and can be used in various indoor and outdoor areas. The honed variety has a matte finish. This is used indoors and outdoors. The tumbled variety is a result of polishing with other stones. The edges of these stones are rough with uneven finishes. They are great for use in the outdoor areas for pavements, gardens, patios etc. The polished variety is smooth with a shiny surface. They are used in the high end posh apartments. The look of the polished variety is very similar to the marble. They give rise to elegant floors like the marble at an affordable cost. The brushed variety has a unique texture, which adds a lot of beauty to the floor. This gives a rustic ambience to the surroundings.

Maintenance of travertine is very simple. Initially, while installing the tiles, an application of sealant is recommended to protect the surface of the tiles from scratching and staining. The sealant also reduces the porous nature of the stones. The shine and texture of these can be maintained well with some care. They need to be swept off dust with a soft broom. If any spills occur, wipe them with a soft cloth immediately. Use mild cleaners with a soft scrub. Abrasive materials should not be used on them. Acidic cleaners spoil the surface of these tiles. They are quite durable and with proper care and maintenance, the shine and texture can be retained for long.

Some high polished stones are used in other rooms of the house too. The honed and textured varieties of travertine floor tiles are preferred for use in the swimming pool areas. They can add to the beauty of a well manicured and landscaped garden. Designers and decorators love to use travertine in the garden pathways and gazebos. These stones have similar properties of limestone and marble. They are softer than marble and harder than limestone. They are perfect for both modern and traditional settings. Get a sample of this tile from online stores and get a feel of the stone in your house before purchasing.