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Top 3 Maintenance Tips for Pool Owners

Pools require year-round maintenance and care. However, many people do not realize their pool requires cleaning until there are signs of extreme damage and wear. It is important to establish a regular maintenance routine to prevent these problems from happening. The guide below offers several proactive measures you can take to keep your pool in good repair for years to come.

Schedule Yearly Inspections

Even with regular maintenance, your pool requires yearly inspections by a professional. Scheduling annual appointments with a pool service Sarasota FL can help you get ahead of structural or mechanical issues before they become big problems that need major repairs. During an inspection, pool service specialists can repair things like cracks in your pool’s foundation or faulty parts of your pool’s drainage system.

Skim and Vacuum Your Pool Regularly

Throughout the year, leaves and debris will fall into your pool. These obstructions can make your pool water dirtier and can even clog your pool’s drains and filters. To prevent this, be sure to skim your pool regularly. This means scooping up debris off the surface of the water with a net. You could also consider purchasing a pool vacuum to scrub the bottom of your pool. This will help prevent the buildup of mold on the pool’s surface.

Monitor Your Pool’s Chemical Levels

Your pool water requires a careful balance of chemicals to stay clean and safe for swimming. Without proper balance, your pool water can irritate the skin when swimming or promote the growth of harmful bacteria. Testing your pool water weekly is best. You can do this easily with pool testing kits available at the local hardware store. You can adjust the chemical levels yourself or with the help of a pool specialist.

Ignoring proper pool care can lead to costly repairs and can diminish the quality of your pool over time. Use these ideas to extend the life of your pool and keep it looking beautiful for years to come.