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Tips on Floor Decoration Cleaning Options

Tips on Floor Decoration Cleaning Options

One of the largest expenditures while furnishing your home is opting for the right decorating floor covering. It is not at all a difficult task getting the type you want and your home needs. Protecting your big investment makes sense, whether you use floor coverings with smooth surfaces, carpets or rugs. To get longer wear from the floor covering there are a few tips which you can follow.

Cleanliness is important:

Ensure to vacuum clean the carpets and rugs twice in week at least (if you choose to flaunt them), the reason being, the fibers start breaking once the grit and dirt settle into the backing and the pile. Danger of moth breeding can be eliminated by regular vacuuming. Life to the carpets and rugs can be added by cleaning them professionally, every two years at least. When laundered and vacuum cleaned regularly, shag cotton and good grade rugs do not shrink. Following the manufacturer’s direction will enable you to clean the smooth surface floor covering better. When you have flooring installed, ensure to ask for instructions.

Begin right:

You cannot stop caring once decorating the flooring is complete. Many things have to be kept in mind to keep it lasting. The tackles method is the best method to install the new carpet you have purchased. Tack depressions that seem unattractive. Dirt-catching can be done away with this method. Seams can be made invisible if you use the right seaming method.


Decorating the flooring can be done in interesting ways; for example flooring of a hard surface can be combined with proper carpeting. Spillage is very often seen under the dining table. To define areas and walls, you can use carpeting in an open plan home. Cut outs need not be wasted and can be used anywhere, under the dining table or in the upstairs lobby if required. Between the living room and the entrance way (if it is slate floored) you will see how a curve made, makes a transition.

A combination with flooring of hard surfaces like linoleum, brick, tile, slate etc. can be achieved with the use of carpets and rugs to save wear for optimum decorating floor covering. As part of grouping or decorating the flooring, you can use your rug in free form style. This enables in cutting down the carpet quantity needed, giving texture and embellishment. For emergencies it is a good idea to keep a spot cleaning kit ready at hand to clean both soft and hard surfaces, of accidental, unavoidable spots immediately.