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Three Ways to Keep HVAC Unit Lasting Longer and More Efficiently

Purchasing an HVAC system can be costly. For many people, it’s considered to be a huge investment. Which is why receiving educated advice about how to take care of the equipment is crucial. In many cases when the technician is installing the system that is the perfect opportunity to ask questions.

How to clean the system and how to keep it running properly is vital for the longevity of the machine. Not only can the technician answer needful questions, but a booklet typically comes with the system. The homeowner or business owner should keep the handbook for future reference.

Ways to Lengthen the Life of the HVAC System

There are different ways to go about taking care of an HVAC system. Some of these ways can lengthen life and increase the performance of the machine. Here are a few ways below:

  1. change the filter
  2. clearing and rinsing drainage system
  3. keeping vents closed

Taking a look at the filters in the HVAC system and changing them when they get dirty allows the system not to have to work as hard. Dirty clogged filters reduce the efficiency of the HVAC system. Filters should be checked monthly. In some cases they can be checked more often. Depending on the amount of pollution that is in that particular area. If the location of the home or business is in an area where there is lots of traffic or where there may be multiple factories the filters could be changed every 3 weeks. Fort Worth HVAC services understand that clean filters are important for a properly functioning machine.

When it comes to the condenser drain in the HVAC system. The owner needs to be aware that when the tubing gets clogged it puts a lot of pressure on the HVAC machine. Some HVAC systems are equipped with technology that will alert the owner that the drainage system is clogged. Not every system has this new technology, however, the owner can tell that the drainage system is clogged because the drain will be full of water.

First empty the water, then proceed to find out what is clogging the system. Many homeowners may not be comfortable with cleaning out the drainage system on their own. In this case a technician will need to be called. The procedure will be to pour bleach down the tubing of the drainage system.

Bleach will help to dissolve any sluggish material that has caked itself into the tubing. Then all the bleach to drain out. Checking the condenser drain at least once a month can help keep the drain tubes clear. This will reduce the occasional buildup inside of the system. Fort Worth HVAC services makes it a priority to get to the bottom of any condenser drain problems.

Keeping vents closed can put pressure on the HVAC motor and cause it to run down quicker. Allowing the vents to stay open in each room reduces the amount of motor activity. When the vents are closed shut, the air is forced to go in another direction. This isn’t good, for the HVAC system. It also causes the electric bill of the home or business owner to be higher than usual. The homeowner will notice the hike and may not realize why it is occurring.

Leaving the vents and doors open in the home creates a natural flow of energy throughout the home. After so many years of the HVAC machine having to work harder, eventually, it will take a toll on the system. The performance of the system may become greatly reduced or the machine could possibly simply stop working. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to make sure their equipment is being given every opportunity to last as long as possible.