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The Importance of Garage Floor Coating

The Importance of Garage Floor Coating

Many of us have experienced entering a building or a home and could not help but notice how nice the floor is. The floor can make or break an office or a home because it can have a sophisticated or drab look. It can delight the eyes of people due to the floor style which can be chic or have a classic look. On the other hand, an unpolished floor can give the impression of coldness and uninviting atmosphere.

This concept goes to all parts of the building or the home including the garage. Let’s take on the garage. Some people are really particular about their garage. A lot of people like to hang around with friends in the garage or even have a working area within it. The garage floor coating can add to this aspect of warmth and homeliness.

If you are the type who likes to do work in your garage then having a floor coating can make the place look great. It will also help to protect the floor since it would have a defensive layer making the floor more durable.

The floor coating will certainly hide the wear and tear of the garage floor due to the constant pressure of the car tires or other heavy objects. Coatings will have to be layered to have maximum protection of the area. Use the ones that are environmentally safe so that your health is also protected.

Common coatings are epoxy and polyurethane:

The epoxy floor paint is the most durable and long lasting. This type is best for garage floor coating, basement, patios, industrial or commercial concrete or wood floors. The epoxy is composed of two components: the resin and the hardener. These components are separate and only mixed within minutes prior to the process of curing. So the mixture should be prepared just enough to the area that needs to be coated. The floor needs a number of hours before it is totally cured and can be walked over. For garage coating, it needs three days before your car can be moved on the new garage floor.

Polyurethane floor coating is very tough and is more elastic than epoxy. The difficulty with this type is in the application since it comprises of two processes: the application of a primer and then the application of polyurethane.

Need for a professional:

Floor coating is not an easy task and doing the application yourself may prove costly and prone to errors. It is good for a professional applicator to do the work for you. The professional can give guidance on what the ideal floor coating should be as well as how much is to be applied.

Garage floor coatings are the best way to make your garage look brighter and cleaner. Not only will the floor look great but you can also be sure that it is protected.