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Steam Cleaners For Floors

Steam Cleaners For Floors

The use of steam cleaners for floors has become quite popular for house holds in the USA. Apparently more and more people are looking to floor steam mops because they believe it as being environmentally friendly. All you need is water and a steamer no harmful chemicals.

So why has steam cleaning of hard surface floors become more and more popular these days?

1. When you use a bucket and mop on your hard surface floors, you actually never end up with a clean floor right? of course not. How can your using dirty water on your floors clean it properly? A mop and bucket will only partially clean your hard surface floors, all you’re really doing is spreading the dirt around evenly.

2. When you use a hard floor steam cleaner, mop or steam vacuum as some people refer to them, not only do you clean your hard surface floors, you actually sanitize them at the same time. How cool is that? No more dirty floors aye. You see the steam easily removes stubborn dirt and grime from sealed wooden, tile and vinyl floors and kills those germs that a bucket and mop leave behind.

3. With the bucket and mop you need to use harmful chemicals to supposedly clean your floors. You know detergents, sanitisers etc. You actually need to change the water and clean the mop two or three times to eventually try and get the detergents and that off your floors and, how often do we do that? mop the floor two or three times per clean.

4. Steam cleaners for floors don’t require any chemicals, just water and as the water is heated to create the steam which is said to be at temperatures of between 180 to 220 degrees well, it will no doubt kill most of those germs we bring in from the outside, no worries aye?