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Speed Cleaning Tips – How to Clean Your Home Faster and Easier Than You Ever Imagined

Speed Cleaning Tips – How to Clean Your Home Faster and Easier Than You Ever Imagined

 this is THE TRUTH as we know it.  A culmination of years of research, observation and testing (just kidding).  Commit these principles to memory.  Practice them.  Once mastered, you will be amazed at your proficiency and efficiency.  You will dazzle and amaze your friends.  Stupefy your family.

Anyone, yes, anyone, can master these fundamentals.  Try them.  Adapt them.  You’ll see a difference.

Work in an orderly manner.  You’ll accomplish far more in less time if you train yourself to work from left to right and top to bottom all the way around the room, doing the center of the room last.

Keep your supplies close. All your supplies will be in your cleaning caddy.  Take out the ones you will need for the room your cleaning, put them in your apron pocket so you don’t have to carry the caddy with you–a big time-saver.

“If it ain’t dirty, don’t clean it!” Unless you’re a real fanatic or have lots of extra time on your hands. you don’t need to clean everything every week!  Not by a long shot.  Experiment.  Be aware.  Lower your standards–everyone else has!!

Keep cleaning products to a bare minimum. Look for products that can be used on a variety of surfaces such as multi-surface cleaner that can be used on virtually everything including glass.  Windex and (purple) 409 are both good.  In addition, dish soap and warm water can clean everything from counters to floors. And lastly, good microfiber cleaning cloths can clean most anything with just a little water.

Don’t use more cleaning agent than necessary. Every extra squirt or spray means extra time to wipe the surface dry.

Don’t scrub! Let your cleaning product work for you.  Spray and let it set up, then wipe. Use a scrubber pad if necessary. (White pads are the least abrasive, then blue then green). The dirtier the surface, the longer you need to let your cleaning product sit. So spray the tub, clean the rest of the bathroom and go back and clean the tub.

Read and follow label directions.  Always!

Stop before you drop. It’s sometimes tempting to push yourself to work past your fatigue point.  Although this may seem efficient, it takes your body significantly longer to recover at this point.  Two 5 minute breaks can refresh you, whereas you may still be exhausted after one 20 minute break.  Work smart.

Try to clean a little faster, a little more efficiently every time. So much of housework is merely routine–we’ve always done it this way or that.  By simply being more conscious of what, how and why you’re doing things, you’ll probably devise all kinds of time and energy saving techniques.  And you’ll wonder why you never thought of “that” before.

Sometimes even the smallest changes will pay off.  Remember, every step, every movement you save pays off in greater speed and less fatigue.

And remember too, a super clean, “you-can-eat-off-the-floor” house is not the most important thing in life!