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Reasons To Love Rugs

Reasons To Love Rugs

Once upon a time rugs were bought quite literally by people who could not afford carpet, however times have changed and this is not now the case with many people buying rugs to complement their carpet, or to use as a feature in a room fitted with laminate flooring.

There are many reasons to love rugs, firstly unlike carpet you can move them around, thus if you have one under a dining room table to stop its legs from scratching a wooden floor as an example, then should you move the table then you can move the rug with it.

Many students find them ideal as they can be put down in seconds and cover a multitude of sins on an old carpet, likewise should you heavily stain your carpet then a rug is ideal to put over it, without it looking out of place and it can save you buying a whole new carpet.

The same applies if you have laminate flooring, which if damaged can often mean replacing the whole floor at considerable time and expense, yet by putting a rug down any damage is out of sight and mind.

Also rugs can now be bought in a multitude of colours which means that should you change your room furnishings you do not have to change the carpet or wooden flooring, simply choose a rug with colours that complement things.

Indeed such a custom made rug can look so good that it can become the focal point of a room.

A well chosen rug can be the thing that finishes the look of a room, and it is now easy to have a rug made in just about any colour and pattern that you desire, as there are now companies that offer online rug design, whereby you can select a multitude of colours and your own pattern or a stock one, meaning that your rug can become a one off centrepiece for your room.

Simply put a good rug can take a boring looking dining table and chairs and make them look stunning.

Also should you change the d?�cor in your room then it can be far cheaper to change the colour of the rug than it can to change an entire carpet.

Lastly unlike carpet if they get stained you can simply roll them up and take them to the dry cleaners, which clearly you cannot do with carpet. This makes rugs truly versatile.