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Rain in the Home in Summertime

Rain in the Home in Summertime

If the weather is good and you’re sitting on the bench in your garden, with suntan lotion on your body, enjoying an ice cold drink and wearing sunglasses… and suddenly someone screams from the house that it is raining inside and that dirty water is pouring into your hallway and the ceiling is dripping wet… how would you feel at that moment?

Well, practicalities would come first. First you would need a bucket of water.

You will have to rush to your bathroom on the top level to see why the water is running down. Most likely you will not find the fault – unless a tap has been left on, in which case you could stop it immediately. If you can’t find the source, then you are probably dealing with a bigger issue.

In some cases mains water pipe could be loose, or the T joint has come undone. In some cases this will be because of water pressure due to vibration if a heavy vehicle passes your home, or sometimes it is because the shower has not been used for many months. Sometimes it is simply that the shower has lost it’s flexibility due to over use, or perhaps it is to do with grout in the tiles that has come loose.

In some cases you might look for years and not be able to solve the problem. This can be a nightmare. If it turns into this then it’s very advisable to call in a professional plumber, not a cowboy builder as this could create an even bigger problem.

Building insurance is the first thing you need. Secondly, a professional who can advise well, such as B&Q customer services, where you could obtain information on new ways to install a bath, and ways of safeguarding against possible future problems like this.

You can appoint a qualified corgi plumber to install your bath and wash basin since you will be using a hot water connection as well as the cold, so it will be important to take water pressure into consideration, especially if your bathroom is on a top floor.

Raining inside of your home can completely ruin your day… and more. So it’s best to avoid this problem by using a reputable plumber and fitter at all times, and be guaranteed a good job.