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Natural Ways to Remove Dog Urine Smell Under Decks

Natural Ways to Remove Dog Urine Smell Under Decks

If you are thinking about natural ways to remove dog urine smell under deck then I think I can help you out. I had a horrible smell coming from under my deck because my dogs just loved that spot. I learned how to clean it though and eventually trained them not to go there and to urinate where I wanted them to. Here are some of my tops tips on natural ways to remove dog urine smell under deck.

Get some paper towels – The very first step that you want to take is to get yourself some paper towels of tissue roll. If the dog has urinated there recently then you want to soak as much of it up as is possible. Keep on putting pressure on the towels until you get one that has no moisture on it. You might want to leave a towel with something heavy on top of it for a while to just make sure you get all the moisture.

Get some baking soda – Get some normal every day baking soda and sprinkle enough so that you are covering the whole of the urine area. If you are in doubt use too much rather than too little so you get all of the moisture out of there. Then you want to leave it for about 45 minutes. When that is done, get out you hoover and vacuum the whole area. There might be a slight smell in the air but that is because you have bought it out from your deck and it will blow away within a day.

The next step is to stop your dog urinating in your deck right? For that you have to train your dog and you would be surprised at how little time it takes. You can have results within a month and it beats being embarrassed every time your friends sit on your deck and that horrible smell comes up.