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Is Your Alarm System Really Keeping You Safe?

Considering how technology is advancing daily, how much do you trust your home alarm system to keep you safe? Most burglars admit that no matter what kind of home security is out there, it will not stop them from breaking a window or kick in a door. Once inside they go after jewelry, electronics, cash or credit cards. Collectibles and guns are also targeted. Most burglaries occur between 12:30 pm and 2:30 pm. Burglars do not care whether there is a car in the driveway, or even some are not bothered with bis dogs inside the homes. There is a huge risk when you are unprotected so here are some of the best companies that offer monitoring services. Keep in mind, some burglars will do surveillance of your home sometimes weeks before they decide its time to burglarize it.

Acadian provides alarm monitoring services with many different types of monitoring services to provide protection for your home or business. The quality of alarm monitoring services today is improving daily as more technology is discovered. Their security dealers and software engineers provide the highest protection level through alarm monitoring and online management. We use video technology and automation software to provide a quicker response to alarm signals.

Alarm Central offers apps, video monitoring, PERS and cell phone monitoring for all dealers and consumers. Web access, private label web access, and AES Intellinet services are offered. While offering outstanding services, Alarm Central LLC has amazing customer service.

All American Monitoring is UL-certified, advancing technology, and is built to last. It is family owned since 1973 and offers the best wholesale monitoring services for $2.50 an account per month. As an added advantage, there are no fees, minimums or contracts.

Allied Universal Monitoring and Response Center provides clients with the right amount of real-time data statistics, event categorized technology, and the newest situational awareness from their GSOC. Their security intervention specialists provide 24-hour monitoring to customers.

American Two Way has monitored for more than 40 years. They provide dealers with the best products and monitoring of security, fire, and GPS solutions. The company has advanced technology that can monitor devices that are not of the typical standard through its 24/7 monitoring center.

A.P.I. has been providing monitoring services to independent dealers since 1983. Monitoring more than 450,000 customers from coast to coast. Their receivers include Radionics, DMP, SurGard III, SurGard System 5, and more. PERS, video, GPS monitoring, and hosted and managed access services are available.

Arco Security Corporation provides local services that are custom built for you. Their main station is UL-certified with backup systems, generators, and an additional power source. Services include intrusions, firs, GPS, access controls, environmental, medical and emergency assistance, video monitoring, and video data statistic reports. They provide remote access for dealers, auto-notifications, and reports on a schedule. They also provide communication interactive services.

AvantGuard is a leading provider in monitoring services for a more connected world. Offering the latest and most desired technology this company provides a cloud-based platform.

Cen-Signal is an automated central station that is nationwide. As a family-owned company they have been in business since 1965. Cen-Signal has the most updated technology for dealers including apps, portals, IP monitoring, 2-way radios, auto-texting, answering service, video monitoring and a live operator 24/7.

Don’t let your monitoring service go another second when it comes to guaranteeing your safety and security. Once and for all get the monitoring service you deserve.