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Interceramic Timberland Tiles – The Finest Alternative to a Wooden Floor

Interceramic Timberland Tiles – The Finest Alternative to a Wooden Floor

If you are looking for the best d?�cor for the interiors of your house, then the looks of wood on the floor probably will strike you first. The richness and the natural ambience provided by wood are impeccable in nature and style. This is the reason why anyone who knows about the decoration of the interiors of a house would always recommend the looks of wood.

When there is wooden furniture inside a house, the d?�cor automatically gets a touch of exotic. If you would have visited a log cabin perhaps on a jungle safari on a previous occasion, you can relate to the looks of the place. This is the reason why anyone who is interested in getting the wood d?�cor installed in his/her house would be absolutely certain of the looks especially when one has viewed a place like that before.

There is undoubtedly no reason for the installation of wood not looking good, however the costs and the effort required in the maintenance are two major concerns. Whenever wooden floor is installed, the procedure requires three steps for completion. The first step is the removal of the current floor. The second step involves the installation of a temporary floor on top of which the wooden planks are installed. This is the reason why the installation procedure of a wooden floor takes time. The second reason is the cost involved in getting wood installed on the floor.

However, now there is a solution that will give the floors the authentic looks of wood and also will be cost effective. The Interceramic Timberland Tile is one of those tiles that look exactly like a wooden plank. This tile has been designed as an alternative to real wood being installed on a floor. The Interceramic Timberland Tiles look exactly like a plank of wood and are available in the size of six inches by twenty four inches. The Timberland series is available in a variety of colors which include chestnut, suede, golden saddle, mountain timber and nature valley. The tiles are made out of both ceramic and porcelain.