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How To Design a Kitchen You Will Love

When it’s time to design your dream kitchen, there are several key areas to think about. Kitchens serve multiple functions in the family home, so be sure you’ve addressed each. Here are some tips for creating a design you love.

Dining Space

Even if you have a separate formal dining room, incorporating eating space into a kitchen design is a great choice to maintain versatility. Families can eat more casual meals in the kitchen, and kids can work at the kitchen table while parents cook or clean up. Determine your design esthetics, then shop for a table and chairs. If you’d like to add some comfortable elegance to your kitchen, French kitchen furniture is an excellent place to start.

Work Triangle

Of course, meal prep is the primary focus of most kitchens. As you consider your kitchen layout, focus on the work triangle, which consists of the sink, refrigerator and stove. These should be located close enough to one another to allow for efficient food prep, while still being far enough apart to leave room for at least two people to work on food preparation at the same time.


You’ll want to ensure that your kitchen has plenty of storage space for all your dishes, food storage containers, pots and pans, cooking utensils, and small appliances. Having the ability to store small appliances — such as toasters, rice cookers, and slow cookers — somewhere other than countertops can allow your kitchen to have a more open, clean feel. Cluttered counters make food prep more difficult and lend a messy appearance to the kitchen, even if they’re kept tidy. Many cooks also like to have space in the kitchen to store some of their frequently used food items.

Spending some time on upfront kitchen design will help you end up with a space that your family can enjoy for years to come. Consider the various functions that most kitchens need to serve, and design for each accordingly.