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How to Clean a Wood Floor

How to Clean a Wood Floor

This is one question I get asked several times each week, how do I clean a wood floor. Cleaning a wood floor is not so hard if that is all one wants to do but if they are talking of refinishing their floor, then that is a whole different game.

When refinishing a wooden floor there are several process involved as well as specific equipment in order to do the job. For this discussion I will tell you how to clean it. There are only two basic steps to the process. First dust mop the floor and next damp mop. By using a dust mop the bulk of the loose dirt is removed then the damp mop will pick up the rest.

A good dust mop to use in cleaning your floor is one made of microfiber. A true microfiber is a poly fiber that has been split and when viewed under a microscope you can see jagged edges. This gives provides more surface area for the dust and dirt to become attached to and removed.

For damp mopping, a good microfiber flat mop is the best choice to use. Again, more dirt will be captured and removed from the wooden floor. In order to damp mop and clean a wood floor a cleaning chemical should be used that is designed to help attract the dust and dirt. It should also be formulated to help leave a shine on the floor. The best product I have found and one that I use is Super Shine All by Hillyard.

When using Super Shine All to clean a wood floor be sure to follow the dilution ration listed on the container. Usually for light cleaning only 1 ounce of chemical is used for each gallon of water.

There are two ways in which you can use this product to clean a wood floor. The microfiber flat mop can be submerged in cleaning solution and with a mop wringer or by hand, wring out as much of the water as possible. The mop should only be damp and not dripping so as not to get too much water on the wood floor which could cause it to warp.

The second method is to mix the Super Shine All in a 32 ounce bottle with a trigger sprayer and mist a small area and mop. Repeat this process covering the entire wood floor.

It is not rocket science to clean a wood floor and keep it looking its best. Using the methods described above the floor can be cleaned as often as necessary. Usually once a week will suffice for normal traffic.

There you have it, you now know how to clean a wood floor.