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Housewarming Gifts That Will Bring Smiles

Have you noticed a new neighbor nearby recently? Getting to know those that live around you can be fun. The next time you see an unfamiliar face, stop by and bring them a little something to make moving into low income senior apartments Lincolnwood IL easier and more welcoming.

1. A Houseplant

Get them some greenery to brighten up their new home. Your local florist can help you pick out a plant that is both beautiful and low maintenance. As an alternative, consider gifting them a small countertop planter with herbs they can use to add flavor to their breakfast, lunch, or dinner. With the right amount of care, your gift can last for years as a wonderful reminder of your thoughtfulness.

2. A Casserole

Whether hot out of the oven and ready to eat or made to put in the freezer for another day, your neighbor will appreciate not having to cook. Make them one of your tried and true family recipes, or find a new dish online to whip up. You can use a disposable container or give them a pan to keep for future meals. They may even return it to you one day with a treat you can enjoy! Be sure to indicate if there are any well-known allergens in the ingredients in case there are dietary restrictions in the household.

3. A Picture

Artwork makes a great addition to someone’s place. Try finding a piece from a local painter or photographer or that features an area landmark. University galleries or your community’s arts center can be wonderful resources and even offer some background on the work’s history for you to pass along. This is a unique and personal gift that they will surely appreciate.

It truly is the thought that counts, so feel free to get creative when you roll out the welcome wagon. You could be meeting your next best friend.