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Getting Your Outdoor Seating Ready for Customers in 3 Easy Steps

If you have a nice yard in front of or behind your restaurant, you want to use it for outdoor dining. Take these three steps to make your space ready to impress customers and draw them back for another meal.

1. Address Temperature Concerns

Whether you live in an area that is always hot or always cold or one where the temperature fluctuates, there are times when it’s not comfortable outside. Thankfully, you can still seat customers outside as long as you address the climate issues. Use a spot cooler rental South Florida to give your customers relief in muggy or hot weather, and purchase a space heater to keep your guests from freezing. If your space is covered by a tent, follow the heater’s instructions carefully to avoid creating a hazardous environment.

2. Find Seating

Outdoor seating isn’t the same as indoor seating because it must be rated for extreme temperatures and exposure to the elements. You can’t just move some of your indoor furniture outside or purchase more of it from your vendor. Instead, create a new look for your outdoor dining by exploring local outdoor supply stores in your area. Don’t forget to purchase waterproof cushions for an extra pop of color.

3. Decorate

Your space is functional once you’ve addressed seating and temperature issues, but to impress your guests, you also need to decorate. String Christmas lights around your space year-round to make it fun, or choose electric candles for a classier atmosphere. Decorate your tables with flowers or seashells to celebrate the outdoors, and hang waterproof posters to give your customers something to look at. Avoid overwhelming the space with decorations, but don’t be afraid to have fun.

With these three steps, you can create an outdoor space that makes your customers come back to your restaurant again and again.