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Garage Door Repair for Common Garage Door Problems

Common Garage Door Problems and How to Fix Them — urdesignmag

Garage doors have a very simple life. Up and down, over and over, day after day, year after year – until they don’t work anymore. The good news is, this simple function of garage doors usually makes for simple repairs. But sometimes, even reliable, but old entries need significant repairs, or worse, bite the dust.

Quick fixes and essential maintenance

If these things are behaving well today, property owners can probably keep it that way almost indefinitely if they follow simple maintenance and inspection routine. These tips may also correct issues that are just starting to appear.

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Check the tracks and rollers on the door

If you cannot remember the last time you inspect and clean them, now is the perfect time to clean tracks and rollers with a thorough brushing, as well as lubricate the axles and rollers. Bearings on rollers can also wear out. Property owners should replace any rollers that do not operate smoothly.

Tighten the hardware

Tracks that guide rollers on overhead garage doors are assembled in sections. These things are attached to the device with brackets. Homeowners should make sure that the sections are safe and secured. They also need to ensure that bolts and screws that hold these brackets are tight.

Check pulleys and cables

Spring-operated hatches have pulleys and cables that may wear out in the long run. Damaged pulleys and frayed wires need to be replaced. Professionals should do this job to ensure safety.

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Inspect the door balance

These things should only require a couple of pounds of pressure to move up and down. If springs lose their resiliency and wear out, they may need to work extra hard to lift the hatch. It can quickly wear out the device motor on its opener. Replacing damaged or worn-out springs is a job for professional technicians.

8 Common Garage Door Problems and How to Fix Them

Check autoreverse features on openers

Openers are designed to lift and reverse doors automatically if they encounter obstacles on their way down to the floor. If this feature won’t work properly, the device poses a safety hazard, and the opener needs to be replaced or repaired.

If none of the solutions mentioned above fixes the problem, or if property owners would rather let professionals solve the issue, look into calling an excellent repair technician or installer. Listed below are some common garage door issues people may be able to fix by themselves.

Noisy hatch

Noisy hatch causes all types of issues, especially for people who had to sleep next to or above the garage. The good news is, most noisy hatches can be fixed with routine maintenance and replacement of parts. If essential maintenance tips mentioned above do not mute a noisy door, the hinges may be damaged and need to be replaced. And rollers that run in metal tracks can also experience wear and tear and become pretty noisy when the bearing stops rolling smoothly.

Frozen doors

It is usually on the coldest days of the year when people appreciate, and most need the convenience of closing and opening their garage door quickly. The bad news is, that is precisely the type of day when cold and moisture can conspire to make it very difficult.

According to experts, these devices can and will freeze to the floor. Sometimes, only the minor ice connections between the device and the floor can be broken when property owners hit opener buttons. But if the machine refuses to move on the first attempt, do not keep banging the button. There is a good chance that it will cause more severe issues with the opener like stripped gears, burned-out motor, or broken springs on openers.

Instead, try other solutions that might remove the frozen connection between the floor and the device. For instance, people can use heat gun or a hairdryer to melt the ice and free the device. Standard de-icing methods and products might also work.

And if homeowners are careful not to damage the seal or the hatch, they can use flat shovels or similar tools to chip away the ice. Once the door opens, clear away ice, snow, or water from the floor. Keeping the area dry will help prevent future freezing.