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Just like many crypto platforms, there are beliefs that Wirex is a scam and a means to dupe people. Well, this article will provide answers to these doubts and will help you understand how Wirex works.

Wirex is a borderless platform designed solely for payment as it gives full authority over money to whoever owns it. This means you can do whatsoever you like with your crypto-money including, buying, storing, exchanging or even spending.

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New Innovations

Recently, Wirex launched a Token called the Wirex Token (WXT) which was first accessible to Wirex Users before other sets of people. This innovation has made things a little easier and better in the quality of services.

Also, there is a plan to make things possible with the use of a Wirex Visa Card. This travel card will be designed to support different currencies (up to 18 cryptocurrencies) which will be converted automatically to local currency.

What Makes Wirex Special?

Now to clear doubts, what makes Wirex special and different from other crypto platforms are?

·        Access to Account

There is a belief that only local currencies can be controlled physically, but Wirex has designed their crypto-money to be controlled by you; this is against what crypto will do normally. This way, you can track or monitor how money comes or leaves your account.

Also, this access allows you to find your account using different options such as debit or credit card. The app on the other end gives you incredible control too because you can personalize into the whichever way you want by choosing out of the thousands of local and crypto accounts.

·        Transfer Method

Both digital and local currencies (8 and 20 respectively) can now be traveled from anywhere to anywhere in the world without problems. Payments will be received freely without additional charges to it.

Since it uses a borderless payment transferring funds from your account using SWIFT or SEPA is an interesting thing to expect.

·        Flexible Exchanges

Wirex takes into consideration one of the most important things in the world and that is the flexible exchange method. This means you can convert from one currency to another, i.e., fiat to digital or digital to fiat or fiat to fiat.

What most people don’t know is that Wirex offers the best OTC rates and this means unrestricted access is granted for a live OTC as well as interbank rates.

·        Top-notch Security

Finally, Wirex offers a Certified, Licensed, Protected and Secure security protocol to make sure funds, deposits and transactions are seamless and safe. Hence, they make sure of cold storage and multi-signature accounts, 2-Factor Authentication, etc.


If you have read this article in detail, you’ll agree that Wirex is not a scam; in fact, it does more good to the entire crypto community. Nothing of such has been seen and with great innovations coming up, it is in no matter of time before they globally dominate. Life becomes easier with Wirex being your platform for all fiat or crypto activities.