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4 Tips for Your Next Renovation

Renovating isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be ridiculously hard, either. You can take steps to keep things organized even as you’re knocking down walls and flinging paint everywhere. Here are just four tips for your next renovation!

1. Document Everything

Hang onto your receipts. Take pictures of schedules, budgets, contracts and business cards. Put all of your paint samples in a color-coded binder. Documents are the lifeblood of a remodeling project, especially if you’re dealing with a bunch of different professionals who are drifting in and out of your home. Make them leave a paper trail as they go.

2. Have Your Home Inspected

Bring in the inspectors before you start any large-scale renovation projects. Not only can they offer advice, but they’ll also be able to point out potential problems. For example, if you have any mold growing in your walls, your contractors might not be allowed to start work until you take care of it. It’s a safety issue. You’ll want to know this in advance before you get halfway through a project and have to call it to a halt!

3. Make a Timetable

It’s rare for a renovation to go according to schedule, but there’s no harm in trying. In fact, having a timetable can keep your appointment book from spiraling totally out of control. Even if you aren’t able to prevent the occasional delay, you can stay focused and keep things mostly on track if you have something to mark your progress.

4. Stay Within Budget

You might be tempted by upgrades and add-ons during the course of your renovation. Resist these urges! You have a budget, and it’s important that you stick to it. You’ll regret letting yourself get caught in a whirlwind when the final bill comes and puts your bank balance into the red.

These are just a few things to keep in mind as you prepare for your next remodeling project. Whether you’re replacing countertops in Miami or investing in custom home additions San Diego, you can make it a lot less stressful with advanced preparation!