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4 Solid Benefits of Landscape Lighting

There’s no doubt that a good landscaping job changes the entire look of a home. When you’ve made that type of investment in your property, you want to enjoy every minute of it, even at night. To make your yard look its very best after dark, here are four solid benefits of installing landscape lighting.

1. Boosts Curb Appeal

Landscape lighting dramatically improves the way your home looks after dark. When you hire professionals in landscape lighting design St Louis MO, they’ll position bulbs to brighten your entryway, trees, gardens or focal points in your yard. This gives your home a warm and inviting appearance.

2. Reinforces Security

One overlooked advantage of installing landscape lights is that it reinforces security around your entire home. With a combination of floods and spotlights, the dark corners of your house will be brightly illuminated. A well-lit yard is unappetizing to burglars and makes you less likely to become a target of vandalism.

3. Improves Safety

Another benefit of landscape lighting is that it improves personal safety for you and your loved ones. Landscape lights should be placed along walkways, stairs and around decks to light the way and prevent falls. Lights also show off your house number, so guests and delivery vehicles can easily find you.

4. Extends Outside Time

When you’re outside having fun, you don’t have to call it quits just because it gets dark. Landscape lights brighten up the night and keep the fun going for hours. This is perfect for pool parties, barbecues or family reunions. It also allows children to safely play in the yard long after the sun goes down.

If you’ve been considering the addition of landscape lighting to your yard, don’t wait any longer. Not only will your home look gorgeous, but you’ll also increase your home safety and security.