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4 Pests That Every Floridian Should Know

The heat and humidity that is a staple in the Sunshine State produces a breeding ground for numerous insects. These pests can be a persistent nuisance for residents and visitors. Some of them can become health hazards or threats to property. If you live in or own property in Florida, below are some of the most common bugs to be aware and why you need pest control Key West.

1. Mosquitoes

These flying insects are a well-known pest in warm climates and are especially drawn to the swamps and lagoons found throughout Florida. Not only is their attraction to humans unwelcome, they also present a health hazard. They are known to be carriers of various diseases harmful to both people and livestock.

2. Termites

While not very harmful to humans directly, these pests can cause catastrophic property damage if left unchecked. There are actually several species – drywood and subterranean being two of the most popular. Since their food source is wood, most homes and businesses are susceptible to an infestation. Additionally, it is not always obvious that they have taken up residence until it’s too late.

3. Red Ants

Otherwise known as fire ants, they are extremely pervasive and are attracted to warmth and moisture. If not treated promptly their mounds can grow quite large and will end up damaging grass and landscaping. If that isn’t enough, coming in contact with a colony can result in multiple stings to a human, which results in painful welts that last for days.

4. Lovebugs

Contrary to their romantic name, these little bugs can be downright annoying. Fortunately their presence is seasonal and only bothersome in late spring and early fall. They gather in droves on bright surfaces and can ruin a cars paint as well as an otherwise pleasant day at the beach.