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3 Simple Ways To Maintain Your Well


Having well water instead of public water can have myriad benefits, but it is important to keep your well maintained properly to ensure that it is healthy and functions correctly. Here are some things you should be doing regularly to keep your well in tip-top shape.

Get Regular Service

Your well should be inspected annually by a professional, regardless of how you think it is performing. Trained inspectors can find issues that are not easily recognizable to the untrained eye, such as bacteria and other contaminants that you cannot see or taste. Well testing Naples FL is the only way to ensure your well is truly running smoothly.

Never Try to Fix Problems on Your Own

No matter how experienced you think you are, unless you are trained in well maintenance, it is best to let the professionals deal with any issues that occur. You could do way more harm than good if you start digging or opening things up aimlessly, so if you encounter a problem, call someone in-the-know to assist.

Ask Questions

Do not be afraid to ask your well inspector any question that comes to mind while he is at your home. Are there certain noises that you should look out for? What should you do if your water tastes strange or isn’t clear when it comes out of the faucet? Learn what constitutes an emergency and when you need to call for professional backup, and what may just be a fleeting issue that will clear up on its own (for example, a drought may affect your water color and flow).

Having your own well right in your yard can be great, but it can also come with some responsibilities that those who use public water don’t have to deal with. Use these tips to keep your well in the best shape.