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3 Reasons Your Roof Needs Regular Cleaning

Even though your roof isn’t something you look at regularly, you shouldn’t forget about it. The state of your roof may not be immediately noticeable to you and your friends, but a dirty roof can have lingering effects. If your home has a recent roof installation Sacramento, then here are three reasons why you should have it regularly cleaned.

Prevent Mold

Any place where leaves and other debris collect on your roof, so does rain and moisture. When part of your roof stays damp for a prolonged period, it can develop mold. Instead of creating a haven for allergens, a roof cleaning can keep this moisture from collecting and reduce your chance of developing mold in your roof and the rest of your home.

Ward Off Leaks

Another side effect of rain and damp debris collecting on your roof is the development of leaks. When you protect your roof installation Sacramento with regular cleaning, you can decrease the number of leaks that can show up over time. When you schedule a cleaning for your roof, see about having the gutters checked. Dirty or blocked gutters lead to many of the same issues as a dirty roof.

Spot Other Issues

Roofs wear out over time, even when regularly cleaned. During a roof cleaning, workers can point out other issues as they are spotted. These could include discoloration and warping, signs that you may need roof repair or replacement. This is especially important if your roof has corners and hidden areas that are not easily seen from the ground.

Whether your roof is brand new or you have had it for many years, regular roof cleaning is a good way to protect your home. Preventing mold and leaks saves you money, and spotting other issues early can prevent then from getting out of control.