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3 Guaranteed Ways To Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Looking to give your home a curb appeal makeover? Since home improvements require an investment of time and money, it’s important to choose projects that will have the most visual impact. Here are three guaranteed ways to quickly increase your home’s curb appeal.

1. Update Your Garage Door

You might be surprised at the impact a garage door can have on your home’s overall curb appeal. If your garage door is dragging down your home’s curb appeal, replace it with a solid wood door, and install upgraded hardware like hinges and handles to give it some character. Finish the look by surrounding it with high quality vinyl trim and you’ll have a new, contemporary exterior focal point.

2. Install Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is a great way to give your home some added curb appeal after dark. The right lighting can give your home a soft, cozy glow. Use a combination of uplighting and downlighting to properly highlight your home’s unique architectural features and landscaping. It’s also a great idea to install lighting around all walkways, driveways and paths. Solar powered lanterns are great for lighting these areas, keeping you and your guests safe as you navigate your property at night.

3. Refresh Your Landscaping

For a tried and true way to improve your home’s curb appeal, head outside and work on your landscaping. Plant flowers of varying colors and heights throughout your property to give your landscaping extra visual appeal. Most importantly, you’ll want to make sure your lawn is looking its best. Since keeping your lawn lush and green requires a lot of work, install lawn irrigation systems to give you a low-maintenance lawn that will impress the whole neighborhood!

Increasing your home’s curb appeal will show everyone that you take great pride in your home. By following these tips and investing in your home, you’ll soon have the most attractive home on the entire block!