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3 Electrical Projects Best Left for a Professional

A growing number of homeowners have embraced DIY projects, and that is great. Doing things yourself reaches you valuable skills and can provide a sense of accomplishment. However, not all home improvement projects are suitable for a layperson, and those involving electrical components lead the list. While you may feel comfortable changing an existing light fixture or replacing an outlet, larger electrical projects like these are usually best left to trained electricians.

1. Service Upgrades

If you have an older house, then your electrical capacity may be limited by its service panel. Any home renovation project or addition of fixtures will require a careful balance against how much room you have left in the panel. With the number of devices in use in most households, that can quickly become a problem. Before you run out to upgrade the service yourself, consider hiring a pro for the job.

Licensed electricians will know what permits are needed for electrical installation services New Jersey and the exact process for having the service disconnected, upgraded and reconnected, meaning you’ll be without power for a shorter period of time.

2. Running New Wiring

The same rule goes for having new wiring run in a home. Unless you know the exact requirements of your local zoning office, you could spend a lot of time and effort installing wires that don’t meet building codes. This can apply if you are adding an addition, renovating a portion of the house or if your home has aluminum wiring and you want to convert it to copper.

3. Generator Installation

Backup generators can be a great investment. Small, portable units that can provide power to a few appliances or charge your laptop can be run by almost anyone. However, if you want a whole house generator that is wired into the home’s electrical panel, you’ll also want to hire a contractor to ensure it is done correctly.

DIY projects are great, but some work is best left to professionals. Work with a reliable contractor if you need an electrical service upgrade, are changing wiring, or want a whole house generator installed.