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3 Door Wardrobe – Style Options To Consider Before You Buy

3 Door Wardrobe – Style Options To Consider Before You Buy

A 3 door wardrobe can come in a variety of styles. First things first though, you should have already measured your bedroom to ensure that you have enough space to accommodate it. Let’s look at some of them.

One of the first things people think about when buying their new armoire is what colour they actually want to have in their bedroom. So for some people they will default to the natural wood colour. In and of itself, natural wood can vary in shades though, so if you are a bit concerned about that you will need to think about whether your 3 doors wardrobe should be in a light or dark shade / tone. For other people, they will actually want to have their wardrobe with 3 doors to be in a painted colour. The most common painted colours available are white, cream (or beige) and ivory. These can look great in any bedroom, although with a white 3 door wardrobe in particular you will have to consider that you will need to clean it regularly as dirt will show up more easily on lighter colours. On the flip side, you could also get yourself a black 3 door wardrobe. This colour is quite a nice colour to have, but is also harder to get – obviously how it fits in with your bedroom depends upon your colour scheme and decor. You can get these wardrobes with different coloured trims, or with patterns, some with striking contrasts.

Configurations Of Wardrobes With 3 Doors

Most configurations of triple wardrobe look completely uniform on the outside. Although on the inside the unit, there will usually be the usual space to hang clothes behind two of the doors. This could be the first two doors, or the first and third door of your three door wardrobe. Behind the other door will usually be a set of shelves for you to fold and store away your other types of clothes. This space is fantastic for storing away clothes that are currently out of season, i.e. Spring / Summer clothes if it is Autumn / Winter and vice-versa. The wardrobe may be further accessorised; you can buy a 3 doors wardrobe with mirrors on one or more doors. If you need a vanity mirror in your room because you do not have space for a large enough mirror elsewhere, this accessory is nice to have. So that is something else to bear in mind.

Natural Oak or Pine 3 Door Wardrobes?

A pine 3 door wardrobe will include all of the painted wardrobe types mentioned earlier. Pine triple wardrobes are one of the two common wood types used to build wardrobes. The other is oak. As far as style is concerned, some people may prefer the style of natural pine which is less knotted than that of oak. Other than style there are a few other interesting considerations.

Triple pine wardrobes are more cost effective than their oak counterparts as they are easier to source and work with. They also take to paint fairly easily unlike oak which does not. The only real drawback is that the wood is not as durable as oak over the long term.

An oak 3 door wardrobe as was just hinted at, is a very strong wood. We have all heard of an antique oak coffee table before. Oak is very durable and robust – why else is would it remain one of the most common construction materials used today in buildings and furniture alike? So while pine could easily last up to 10 years without starting to splinter or fall apart, triple oak wardrobes will keep going. But this benefit of oak is also a downfall and makes it more expensive to buy.