When Is It Time to Replace Your Home Windows?

Windows provide a wonderful view of the outside world while keeping out the elements and allowing natural light to shine in. Unfortunately, windows do not last forever. These signs may mean you need to replace them.

Difficult Operation

When the windows cease to be easy to open and close, it may be time to call window contractors Lake County IL. A window should smoothly operate. However, the foundation can settle over time causing the window to easily fall closed or jam when moved. An unbalanced window can cause similar issues in operation. A contractor can shim the window or inspect the area to correct other issues that can improve the operation of the windows.

Comfort Problems

The windows should keep warm and cold air inside the home. When the window fails, drafts from outside can come in creating spots of hot or frigid air. Single-pane windows are known for their draftiness making modern windows with double panes a welcome respite from the temperature fluctuations of older windows.

Visible Condensation

The windows keep out the air outside, but condensation can form between the double panes if there is a leak. The moisture enters in through a broken seal decreasing the efficiency and leading to larger problems.

Window Frames

Most window frames are made of wood. Over time these frames can rot or warp allowing air to come inside the home. Not to mention that a rotting frame doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing. When the frame fails, it can also cause the window to fail over time. Replacing the frame when it shows signs of wear can help keep the windows longer.

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High Bills

One of the largest benefits of replacing the windows is that modern windows are more energy-efficient than older windows. When the panes allow air inside from outside, your energy bills rise. Single pane windows of old are inefficient while double-pane windows help prevent outside temperatures from affecting indoor air.