What You Need To Know About HABS Documentation

The Historic American Buildings Survey is managed by the National Park Service and lists those buildings in your area with historical significance either because of architecture or events. When you want to renovate one of the buildings on this list, you will need to provide the right documentation and get proper permissions. This is to ensure that the history is preserved and highlighted in reusing the space instead of being destroyed.

Why You Need It?

There are a couple of different reasons why you might need the help of a HABS documentation drawings firm such as purchasing, restoring or registering a historic building. There is a growing movement to reuse all kinds of things and historic building are not an exception. Whether you are looking at residential, commercial or industrial real estate, it is a good idea to see if it is already on the Historic American Building Survey or if it can qualify for the list. This can come with restrictions on the types of upgrades you can make to the exterior of the building but can also help you find resources to preserve the architectural and historical elements of the construction.

Where Do You Get It?

You can get the drawings and paperwork necessary for various heritage documentation programs through architects, engineers and surveyors to show what the buildings are like now and how they can be retrofitted respectfully for reuse. It is important to find an architect with a history of working with HABS documentation through each step of the property acquisition and renovation to make sure that you are staying within the confines of the plans and of the approval process.

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The Historic American Buildings Survey is a great tool to use to find amazing real estate to protect and even reuse for modern purposes. With the help of a skilled and experienced architect, you can turn a historic residential, commercial or industrial property into a functioning home or business without losing any of the associated history.