What Every Homeowner Needs to Know About Window Replacement

Anyone who owns or is purchasing an older home will eventually need to think about window replacements. Like the other components of your home, windows have a limited lifespan and will eventually need to be repaired or replaced. Repairs are usually more cost effective when possible, but even the most high-quality windows will eventually need to be replaced. Since newer windows are more energy efficient replacement might not be a bad idea for aging windows.

How to Know When it Is Time to Replace Your Windows

Sometimes it is rather obvious that you need to replace a window, such as when your window is broken in a storm, by a stray baseball, or in other situations where the glass is broken. It’s not always as easy to know if windows need to be replaced due to wear and tear or lack of efficiency. A rule of thumb is that high quality windows can last for about 20 years before they need to be replaced. It is good to consider that the surrounding weather conditions or other factors can lead to quicker replacements. For example, homes in coastal areas will need window replacements faster than homes in areas with mild weather conditions.

Another consideration to make is whether you can repair your window or should replace it entirely. If the sash or frame is broken, double pane windows fog due to compromised seal, or the frame is warped and sticks when you attempt to open or close it you may need to consider a replacement soon. The need for new hardware or weather stripping, on the other hand, is a repairable problem.

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What to Consider When Replacing Windows

Windows serve a very practical need, but their decorative factor should be considered as well. Choosing windows that fit the style of your home is important. You should also consider whether your budget allows you to replace all the windows in your home simultaneously. If you decide to replace windows one at a time, look for windows that won’t look out of place with the other windows. If you can at least replace the windows on one wall simultaneously that will help ensure a consistent look.

Also, be sure to find a reputable dealer who will give you a knowledgeable answer about when to replace just the glass panes or whether you need to replace the entire frame as well. Be sure to find out whether a warranty is available with the window you purchase, as well as the ease of repairs and replacements. A custom window will be more difficult to replace than a standard size. Find window installers close to you by entering “window installation services indianapolis in.” A professional can advise you in the decision-making process, as well as quickly and efficiently install your new windows or panes.

Final Thoughts

Window replacement can be pricey but is an inevitable requirement for most homeowners. Be sure to find a trustworthy professional with a good reputation to consult if you are concerned your windows may need replacement. Remember that even the best windows eventually need replacement and come to a point where repairs are unproductive.