Types of Boat Storage Methods in Redmond Washington

The winter months are sad for most boat owners. They can’t enjoy the water or entertain on their boats. These months are often time storing their boats to get them ready for the warmer weather. There are many boat storage units redmond wa to from depending on a boater’s preference.

Indoor Storage Protects Boats from Bad Weather and the Sum

Storing a boat indoors is a great option for protecting the boat from foul weather and the sun. Both sun and bad weather can age a boat. It also keeps the boat out of view from people who may want to steal or vandalize it. The downside of indoor storage is that it’s not a flexible option. Many boaters who use indoor storage have multiple vehicle garages or a pole barn. They also may park their vehicles outside and keep the boat in their garage. The latter may not be an option if the boater’s spouse isn’t on board.

Dry-Stack Storage has Two Options

Dry-stack storage prevents bad weather, water and other type of damage from harming the boat. If the boater chooses to store boat at a marina, it’s placed on a high-capacity forklift and placed on a boat rack. The rack is sometimes in a heated building. It allows for quicker access than other dry-stack storage facilities that focus on storing a boat rather than providing access to the boat when the boater wants it.

Outdoor Storage Involves Shrink-wrapping a Boat

Many boaters choose storing their boat outdoors, but it’s not a great option. The boat must be properly shrink-wrapped to protect it from water and let moist air escape. Other boaters use ropes and tarps to protect their boats. Many boaters who choose not to shrink-wrap their boat protect the upholstery from the bad weather and sun. However, the downside is the boat may experience structural damage because of debris plunging the drains. Also, the boat’s trailer may break, or tires flatten from being outside.

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A Storage Unit Can Provide Outdoor or Indoor Storage

Commercial storage facilities offer outdoor and indoor storage units. It a great option for boaters who live in apartments or can’t keep their boat at home. The facilities offer a yearly lease to store boats during the winter months and the boating season Also, these facilities offer high security to protect the boats from vandals and thieves. A boater can go to the facility and work on their boat or take it out on the water. It’s important to check for any restrictions a boat storage unit facility has before the boater agrees to a lease.

Pick the Best Storage Unit for Boats

Many boaters view boat storage as an opportunity to protect their boats from winter weather damage. However, savvy boaters know it’s a way to keep their boat ready for their spring or summer outings. The choice of a storage method is vital. Choosing the wrong boat storage option can affect the resale value of the boat or domestic bliss.