Top 5 Current Kitchen Designs

A beautiful and functional kitchen is the heart of every home. Meals are prepared and shared with friends or family, homework done, and late nights of wine and good conversation are enjoyed. Whether a kitchen can be useful and enjoyable is based on the efficiency of its design. There are many different ways and styles a kitchen can be arranged, each one open to interpretation and the individual personality of the owner.

French Country

Considered a more romantic style, French kitchen furniture and aged copper accessories add a solid but wistful center to any home. Full of wood surfaces beginning to show age, whether because of time or artifice, this style lends a cozy atmosphere for good food and great conversation.


With the rising popularity of the farmhouse style kitchen, both magazines and the internet are flooded with beautiful examples and options for a designer. Fully white walls and cabinets are often combined with small industrial elements to produce a clean, efficient kitchen space.


With minimal clutter and a sleek, sophisticated design, the modern kitchen has remained popular with younger homeowners or those living in lofts or other small spaces. A modern kitchen can be any color scheme but is often a combination of dark or earth tones and sleek industrial chrome fixtures.


Solid cabinetry, wood chairs, and vintage accessories make the traditional kitchen style one that invites the family to sit and have a meal together. Through the use of a simplistic but competent layout and keeping with white or muted tones, this kitchen design is inviting and beautiful.

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Country Cottage

Usually used in small kitchen spaces, this whimsical, colorful style will lend the feel of stepping into a fairy tale. Full of funky colors and imperfect finishes, flea market finds and mismatched furniture, the country cottage is the perfect design for someone with eclectic tastes.

With so many styles, there is no limit to finding a person’s perfect personal design.