Signs It Is Time for a Roof Replacement

Different roofing materials have various life spans. For instance, asphalt roofing will last 20 to 25 years, while the cedar shake roofing will last for more than 40 years and the slate roofing can last up to 200 years. However, various factors can affect your roofing hence shortening its lifespan. This entails improper maintenance of the current roofing or even inappropriate installation during the last replacement. Similarly, other factors like the presence of mildew, molds, leaks, and sagging ceilings or when your roof is more than 20 years old, it might be the ideal time to have your roof replacement kansas city mo. Besides, here are some signs that mean it is time to have a new roof.

Curling or Buckling Shingles

Curling shingles are a result of aging roofing. Moisture and extensive heating are the primary causes of curling. However, this challenge can also be caused by poor installation of the roofing materials or other structures like gutters. Shingles that are buckled or curled are vulnerable to ice and wind damages hence they can break or crack off easily due to their rigidness. To this end, if you notice the presence of curled or buckled shingles on your roof, this might be the ideal time to ensure that you have your roof replaced. Checking the valleys on your roof will help you to determine whether everything is in order or interventions are needed.

Damaged Flashing

Checking the flashing area will help to figure out damages related to separations, lifting, flaky and dried caulking. Flashing is sited around the eaves, chimney, valleys, stacks, and skylights. Inspecting these areas occasionally will help you identify ongoing or potential issues in real time for prompt measures. The separation and lighting result from the typical expansion and contraction of the roofing materials. In the course of expansion and contraction, most of the fasteners situated around the flashing weaken and allow water to seep into your house. In turn, this can cause a lot of damage to your ceiling material especially when the problem is not identified early enough.

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Shingle Granules

As your roof age, small spots will form, which make your roofing material to lose many pellets. These are dark deposits, which can be found in your gutters especially after heavy rains. When granules are dropped from your roofing materials, it accelerates shingle decay and the aging of the roof. As such, this problem should be addressed as soon as it is identified to prevent further damages in the underlying parts of the roof. Presence of shingle granules in the gutter can also mean that your downspout or the valley was not well designed thus it is time to have it fixed.

Sagging Roofs and Ceilings

Having a sagging roof in your room is the surest way to tell that your roof needs to be replaced. A sagging roof is typically caused by the long-term impact of water in your attic and the roofline. This can also imply that ice frequently finds its way down to the attic thus adding more weight to the roof. Before you initiate your roofing replacement, ensure that you weigh all options that you will have in hand to determine the choice that will suit your needs.