How to Prepare an Elder for Home Care

Sooner or later, everyone is faced with a tough decision in regard to the care of elderly parents. As our parents reach their later years, they may no longer be able to care for themselves as well and may need help. That’s not to say they should be forced into an assisted living facility. They may just need some in-home care, which means preparing the home and the elder for the new living situation.

Preparing the Home

There’s no reason to force your elder parent to give up independent living Carlisle PA. There are in-home care services. These services are a great deal less expensive than full-time living in an assisted living facility and they allow the elder to remain in their own home. While the advantages are clear, what people don’t often realize is that the home needs to be prepared for this type of situation.

The fact that you’ve recognized the need for in-home care suggests you have already identified some problems that need addressing. This may mean cleaning up the clutter, so your elder parent will be less likely to trip and fall. It may also help the caregivers do their jobs more effectively.

You may also need to make renovations to make life easier for the elder. For instance, if the washing machine and dryer are in the basement, consider having them moved to the first floor. Or install a walk-in bathtub with handrails.

Stay Involved

Even though you have hired caregivers, remember they can’t be there 24 hours a day. Even if they could, your elder parent wants to see you and they may become depressed, if you come around less frequently. Try to keep other family members involved, too. It will be helpful to have multiple family members taking part in the elder’s care, because you may have to cover for your caregivers on holidays and weekends. Of course, it depends on the arrangement you have with the in-home care service provider, but there will undoubtedly be certain times when the family will have to assume the caregiver’s duties.

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This is also a good way to ensure your elder parent is receiving the level of care for which the family is paying. While abuse and neglect are rare in those types of care services, it does happen. By maintaining an active role in the elder’s life, you can ensure they’re being well cared for by the hired caregivers. Signs of neglect, such as extreme weight loss, poor hygiene, and a poorly maintained home, will be evident through regular visits.

Before making the decision to hire an in-home caregiver, talk to your parent about the situation. Even when this is the best option, they will not like having the idea thrust upon them. Instead, involve them in the decision and encourage them to stay involved throughout the process. The transition will go much smoother, when the elder can be consulted about decisions and can be involved in selecting a caregiver. After all, your elder parent will be spending a significant amount of time with this person. It’s important that they develop a rapport.