Making Real Estate Listings in Orland Park IL Stand Out

When you are trying to sell your Orland Park property, you may have to resort to unusual tactics to make your listing stand out. Now we are not talking about painting the house purple or making the listing price end in all sevens, what we are talking about is doing things that will leave that lasting impression on potential buyers.

These are a few of the ways to make real estate listings Orland Park IL properties stand out in a crowd.

Open Party Not Open House

If you have ever been to an open house, you know how boring they can be. If you have ever been the only person at the open house with the owners sitting in the house, then you know how uncomfortable things get. One unique way to liven things up is to have an open party instead. There should be a DJ spinning some music, plenty of food, perhaps wine and cheese, and even prizes throughout the day. The goal here is to make things so entertaining that the buyers remember the listing long after they are gone. It is easier to interact with the realtor in this setting, allowing the buyers to put down their guard for a while.

One added benefit, these buyers can now imagine what it would be like to host a party in this house for their guests someday.

Having Your House Talk for You

Many potential buyers will drive by your house before or after work, or at crazy hours during the weekend. Instead of having a box out front with a little flyer that gives information about the listing, this is your chance to really wow the buyers. There are several apps or talking house radio transmitters that will give the buyer a detailed overview of the house from a soothing voice, right from the comfort of their vehicle.

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This not only will leave a lasting impression on any buyer, it really shows you went far enough to really cast your home in the best possible light.

Assist Buyer with Financing

There will be a buyer or two who find they are just a little distance short of being able to complete financing for your home. Rather than let them slip away, you might consult with a real estate attorney and offer to pay for points or some of the closing costs, to close the deal. Perhaps you could be in the position to carry the note of offer financing on your own, something that could help complete the transaction in record time.

Helping pay points lowers the interest rate for the buyers and puts them in the position to be able to afford your home, you just must be willing to work with them.

If you get this right, not only are you going to make your property stand out in a crowded market, your house will remain fresh on the minds of potential buyers looking to find a house in your area.