Keep Your Cool All Summer Long

When it is cold outside you long for the warmth of summer. However, summertime does not only carry the warmth you crave, it allows blistering heat to tag along. Undoubtedly, summer is underway, and you may need a few ideas for staying cool and comfortable during this long, hot season.

Check for Leaks

Your air conditioner runs through ductwork if you rely on a central cooling system. Ductwork follows the same laws of nature as anything else. It expands with heat and contracts when cold. Naturally, gaps and cracks appear in the joints and near vents and intake areas. Check your walls and ceilings for signs of leaks or drips. Pay close attention to areas in and around the vents in each room.

While checking for moisture, look for signs of dust or dirt that accumulates inside and near the vents. Clean these areas carefully and make a note to check them regularly. If dirt accumulates regularly, that is a warning sign that your AC system has dirt circulating throughout it. If you are not already doing so, change your air filters at least every six weeks to two months. A dirty air filter just puts more harmful debris back into your HVAC system for you and your family to breathe.

Compare Your Utility Bills

Scrutinize your utility bills for the past three years. If you notice a marked increase in the summer or see that your bills have slowly crept up, do not ignore these trends. Increased utility bills correlate directly with inefficient energy systems and possibly leaks throughout your system. Utah’s Clean Energy tips include a calculator to estimate your energy use, costs and projected savings.

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The prudent homeowner will not resign themselves to paying higher utility costs without investigating the source. Take a flashlight and inspect your attic, crawlspace or basement. If you see condensation signs every several feet, do not be surprised if your HVAC system is leaking. The condensation you discovered may be destructive water leaks from your heating and cooling system.

Do Not Hesitate to Call a Professional

Reputable services providing ac installation bountiful ut will not charge a fee to assess your HVAC system and provide free estimates. Early detection and HVAC repair is a key component to saving money and protecting your family’s health. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, your body cannot cool itself effectively if there is excess humidity in the air. Normally, a high-efficiency energy-saving air conditioner keeps humidity under control.

You may need to supplement your air conditioning with a humidity control unit. If your AC system is less than five years old and your home is humid consider calling an HVAC professional soon. Humid conditions provide a breeding ground for harmful mold and bacteria. One of the first areas mold and bacteria likes to grow is in your heating and air conditioning ducts. It correlates that mold and bacteria is recirculated into your vents and directly affects the air you breathe.

Replacing an outdated air conditioner can benefit your pocketbook and your health. Do not put off contacting your AC specialist to check your HVAC system’s health.