How Are Soda Bottles Filled?

Each year, the average American drinks 56 gallons of soda. From cola to grape, dozens of brands and flavors line shelves in grocery stores, convenience stores, and in restaurants. Have you ever wondered how those delicious, bubbly drinks make it into their bottles without losing their fizz?

Creating the Bubbles

To create the perfect bottle of bubbles for your taste buds, the manufacturer needs to use an exact combination of carbonated water and flavored syrup. Doing this requires carbo-coolers. These carbonaters create very cold liquids, which makes it easier for the carbon dioxide to dissolve into it and create the bubbles.

Filling the Bottles

When filling soda bottles, the manufacturer must used pressurized filling machines and equipment. Soda makers typically keep their filling equipment in a separate room away from the rest oft he machinery. This helps to ensure it remains decontaminated and packages the soda with plenty of bubbles. The equipment is fully automated, which helps quality control by making each bottle exactly the same. The employees in this section typically just track the machinery to make sure it doesn’t break down. Most filling machinery has an automatic capping system as well.

Moving the Product

Once a soda manufacturer has everything perfectly packaged, it needs to transport the bottles to packaging systems and get them to the stores and restaurants. A conveyor system is often used to connect the different stages of production in the plant. At the end of the line, the sealed containers are brought back down to room temperature, which prevents condensation when they are packed in boxes and put on trucks to move around the country.

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Of course, filling machines are helpful for all types of products. From traditional drinks to cleaning products, machines make production faster and make it easier for businesses to turn a profit. If you’re considering purchasing one for your own business, be sure to do so from a reputable dealer.