Causes of Drain Clogs and How to Prevent Them

Drain clogs are among the top reasons why you might need to call a professional plumber in Leesburg fl. Several signs show that your drain is clogged. Some of them include water standing in your kitchen sink and your bathtub draining slowly. You might also experience problems flushing your toilet. Multiple things can lead to such situations, and you can do various things about them. They can be to either prevent the clogs or unblock your drains. Here are some of the most popular reasons that cause drains to clog and how you can best prevent them.

Food Leftovers

This is one of the leading causes of drain clogs. Your drain will be blocked if you put your food left-overs into the kitchen sink instead of into the trash can. You can prevent this situation by refraining from throwing any food materials down your drains.


How often do you clean your sinks and bathtubs? If you don’t do it regularly, it might lead to accumulation of dirt and debris that causes drain clogs. To prevent dirt from clogging your drains, ensure that your sinks are clean always before using them. You should also wash your tub every day.


It is not uncommon for people to wash their hair while they are inside their bathtubs. You might even shave your beard and drain the hair down your bathroom sink. If it is long and it clumps up inside the drains, it leads to clogs. You can use products Clog Remover that is created to deal with hair clogs. Vinegar and baking soda can also work.

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Toilet paper

Toilet paper can also cause your drains to clog. It might be inconvenient to limit the number of sheets that you use, but that doesn’t mean that there is nothing you can do about it. Using non-quilted toilet paper brands can help you since they easily break apart. If this doesn’t work and the drains still clog, you can call a plumber in Leesburg to unclog them.

Other common causes of drain clogs are soap scum and grease. Drain cleaning Leesburg fl can be helpful in preventing or dealing with the blockages. It enables your plumbing system to remain efficient. This ensures that water does not overflow to your floors. It also protects you against infections due to the accumulation of bacteria in your drainage system. Again, your home will not have any foul odor because of standing water in your sinks or bathtub.

Drain clogs can happen at any time. As a homeowner, you ought to take specific measures to prevent them from occurring. Some of them include washing your sinks, tubs, and toilets daily. You should also stop putting waste food materials into the sinks. If your drains still get blocked, you can unclog them yourself. If you are unable to do it effectively, you can call a plumber to do it for you. Make sure they are qualified and trustworthy before letting them into your home.