7 Bathroom Accessories That Can Beautify Your Home’s Bathroom

In recent years, the bathroom trend has led to simple minimalism. The existence of a bathtub is no longer a necessity because installing a shower is much more practical. Likewise, with other accessories, designed sleeker and modern. The good news, you can adopt the idea of that Commercial Toilets for your bathroom at home. What are the 7 bathrooms accessories that can enhance your home’s bathroom?

Soap and shampoo dispensers

If you use a shower, soap dispenser and hanged shampoo are certainly more practical. You can choose two tubes for both, with a capacity of 400 ml each. This dispenser material is the best quality plastic with a lid that can be opened to pour soap/shampoo. The button located on the bottom side of the tube makes it easy for you to release a sufficient amount of soap/shampoo in one press.

Toilet paper holder

You can choose various types of toilet paper according to the design of the bathroom. For an elegant and modern impression, you can use stainless steel toilet paper hanger. This material has been tested against corrosion even though it is often exposed to water. The tissue cover also ensures that the tissue stays dry while making it easier for you to tear the tissue when used.

Two stacked corner glass shelfs

Complete the corner of your bathroom with these two stacked glasses shelfs. The minimalist design presents a simple yet multifunctional impression. Chrome-plated brass material shows the robustness of this shelf. You can put various toiletries here, without worrying about falling. Place it in the corner of the wall near the shower, so you can take it in one move.

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Bar soap holder

Stainless steel and waterproof place material give you the convenience of storing soap bars. The bottom cavity ensures that the soap dries quickly after each use. So, you don’t need to worry about soap quickly moldy because of it.

Towel hanger

Drop your choice on a towel holder made of stainless steel, your bathroom also looks more stylish immediately. The thickness of the hanger blades is able to maintain the shape of the towel, so the towel does not stretch when hung. The length of the slats also supports different types of towel sizes, even though large towels. Even though it looks simples, this towel hanger helps your bathroom be neater and orderly.

Shower faucet

Affairs of the shower faucet apparently cannot be underestimated. The latest technology allows you to save more water when using a shower. Then, choose the right tap for it. Also make sure the tap safety is tested, especially when running hot water from a water heater.

Mirror and Cabinet Set as Bathroom Accessories

Mirror and cabinet sets make you get two benefits at once in one accessory. This cabinet is two stacking storage cabinet with a mirror as the door. Various beautiful designs are available according to taste. There is also a set with a sink. Just choose which one best suit your style.