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Why Choose a Garden for a Business or Work Event?

You may have a business and you want to launch a product or service and a looking for a venue. You may also have a work event where you want your colleagues or employees to meet somewhere outside the office. You may be a business owner trying to impress prospective clients. Regardless of the reason, you can hire a garden for a business or work event.

Garden Club London has pop up gardens where you can do any of the above and more. The gardens are spacious and silent which make them perfect for formal events.

A change of environment

Most white collar jobs require the person to work indoors for the majority of their working day. In very few cases will you meet white collar workers who spend a significant amount of time working outdoors.

When meeting on a garden for an official business or work event, you provide the attendees with a much needed change of environment. Most meetings in the workplace will be conducted in a conference room with the usual office equipment.

The change of environment will do much to ease the atmosphere and encourage interaction between the attendees. Such an event will also make the interactions much more lively as they are in a new environment which is guaranteed to spruce up the talk.


Most people are used to meeting for work or business events in serious environments like an office with standard office equipment and furniture. You will find the odd piece of art from time to time but it is rarely the case.

When you hold an event at a pop up garden, you will immediately put the attendees in a more scenic environment that they are accustomed to. A garden is a much more beautiful event venue with green plants and many colourful flowers.

If you are meeting prospective clients then the view will relax them and make them more open. A work event held at a garden is guaranteed to pop up in conversation for the next few weeks after a successful bonding experience.


It is cheaper to design and develop a garden than it is to construct an enclosed event space. A lot of the garden’s development takes care of itself and minimal maintenance is required after the initial construction.

Therefore, holding an event in an outdoor garden is bound to be cheaper than holding one in a hotel or conference facility. The cost savings can be helpful especially if you are on a tight budget.

Most event venues are built for many people and they have a standard fee to hire the venue. If you have a smaller group of people and don’t want to pay the high fees, a garden is perfect for you.


When you hire a space at an establishment like a hotel to hold an event, chances are that you will not be the only people on the premises unless you have a lot of money to spend and reserve the entire hotel. The contrary is the case with a pop up garden.

Since it is a small space, you will most likely be the exclusive occupants of the venue for the time allotted. Exclusivity can be crucial especially when holding work and business events.