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Why Build a Sustainable Home

A sustainable home does not mean a minimal home, or one without style.A� With most homes, you wouldn’t even know it is one unless you look very closely.A� Sustainable simple means that you are designing and building with certain goals in mind, in order to receive specific benefits.A� You as the homeowner choose what and how much.A� Here are some reasons for building one:
oA�A�A�A�A� Money savings
oA�A�A�A�A� Appeal to buyers
oA�A�A�A�A� Environmental responsibility
oA�A�A�A�A� Positive effect on health
oA�A�A�A�A� Increased satisfaction
Money Savings
oA�A�A�A�A� Many of the techniques and materials you will use will cost less.
oA�A�A�A�A� There are government rebates and/or tax benefits.
oA�A�A�A�A� This kind of home design can save you money on your monthly utility bills
oA�A�A�A�A� Upkeep is often easier and less expensive in a sustainable home.
oA�A�A�A�A� Your chosen builder will not create excessive waste of materials you’ve paid for.
Appeal To Buyers
oA�A�A�A�A� The sustainable home typically has a timeless style and quality build. There is less need to tear it down to build an updated home. You will often incorporate space for future room additions into the plan, providing easy solutions and more options for buyers.
oA�A�A�A�A� Energy efficient homes certified by your utility company are sought-after.
oA�A�A�A�A� If you sell at some point, your perfect home will also appeal to a broad spectrum of buyers.
oA�A�A�A�A� You won’t be caught in that trap of having to find “that one perfect buyer” for an overspecialized house.A�
Environmental Responsibility
oA�A�A�A�A� Every choice has an effect on the environment.
oA�A�A�A�A� Making choices that are eco-friendly encourages others to do the same.
oA�A�A�A�A� This kind of home is an investment in our future.
Positive Effect On Health
oA�A�A�A�A� Many new construction products contain VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) that irritate asthma sufferers and contribute to health weaknesses in many.
oA�A�A�A�A� Such a home brings the outdoors in, creating a restful environment.
Increased Satisfaction
oA�A�A�A�A� A great deal of thought goes into the design aspect.
oA�A�A�A�A� You’re more likely to be satisfied with the home for a longer time.
oA�A�A�A�A� The builder will have worked to preserve land and landscape, leaving you with more to enjoy.
oA�A�A�A�A� Your eco-friendly choices are contributions to your health and that of your community.
A sustainable home is mindful of budget and desire to get the most for your buck.A� It will be a home that is eco friendly, through careful choice of building materials and appropriate size for the land and neighborhood.A� You will benefit physically, through decreased exposure to environmental toxins, and emotionally through the knowledge of having built with environment in mind.