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What To Look For When Hiring An HVAC Contractor 

Different people rely on different things to find a good contractor. Some rely on word of mouth, while others rely on the years of experience of the individual. Others may take into account the fact that the contractor works for a reliable company.

Known of these factors will determine whether or not an individual is licensed or professional. However, they can point the homeowner in the right direction.

Obviously, How can a contractor work for a popular company, without being licensed? This is correct, but it’s still a good idea to verify that he/she is licensed.

Whether an HVAC contractor in Waxahachie or one in Pittsburgh, it is always important to make sure the person is licensed in case something is damaged.

When it comes to word of mouth, sometimes a complaint can go undiscovered, so utilizing all avenues to find out about the person is useful. For example sometimes having a conversation with your next door neighbor, will not allow you to find out what the certain information.

But taking the time to look for comments online may be more beneficial. Whether an HVAC contractor in Waxahachie or one in Portland online comments are popular these days, and researching doesn’t take a lot of time.

Basic Activities for HVAC Care

Most contractors will be knowledgeable about the basics of caring for heating cooling and ventilation systems. A few things they will look at are:

A. test thermostat

B. check filter

C. check for airflow in various units

D. inspect evaporator coils etc.

Having thermostats calibrated is vital for a comfortable atmosphere in the home. It makes sure that the air isn’t off key when it comes to the temperature. For example if the temperature is set on 60 degrees, but the air in the home is 82 degrees, this could be a problem.

Actually this could wake a family up in the middle of the night, complaining that it’s too hot. A sweaty late night examination of the thermostat is not to be desired, which is why contractors diligently evaluate all thermostats in the home, during yearly checkups.

The professional will most likely inspect the mercury level in the vial, to make sure that it is level. If it is not level, a new thermostat may be needed. Another reason why a thermostat may stop working is due to dirt, dust and other factors.

Clean AC filters make life a lot easier on evaporator coils. A dirty filter will allow dirt and dust to go straight to the evaporator coil. Is it easier to clean and keep up to date AC filters? Yes. So the best bet of the homeowner will be to make sure the filters are changed at least every couple of months. Depending on the location of the home. Heavy traffic, factories, smog etc can ruin filters rather quickly, than if in an area where the air was not polluted.

Too little air flow can present a problem. It can freeze the coil which can create a freezing effect. This produces a major issue for the indoor coil and the compressor which is located outdoors. Too much air flow can cause problems also. Not enough humidity, along with dry air in the home can cause dry skin, itchy eyes, nose sinus etc.

Because cleaning evaporator coils can be tedious, it is often suggested that an expert do it. Typically a vacuum is used. The vacuum will have a brush attachment. This activity can damage the coils, so it must be done with care.

If the system has a warranty, be sure that the cleaner is not breaching the terms of the contract by attempting to clean the equipment themselves. A licensed contractor has the training when it comes to removing the panel of the evaporator coil and removing the small screws.

These are just the basics when it comes to the care of an HVAC unit. Of course, a homeowner should require that the knowledge of the licensed contractor exceed of these examples. Once a good worker has been found, the homeowner should then set up yearly appointments so that their HVAC units are taken care of.