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Tips for Planning an Incredible Outdoor Event

Outdoor events present a fun challenge when it comes to planning and execution. They offer opportunities to be creative that indoor events can’t provide. Here are a few tips to consider when planning your outdoor event.

Logistics and Layout

Outdoor spaces can present more freedom with the layout. Take photos of the outdoor venue, making note of topography that could limit certain design elements. Don’t forget to plan for essential items like garbage cans and restrooms. Crossing these items off your list and sticking to your events design goals is possible with luxury restroom rentals. You may want to dedicate extra time to plan the logistics for load-in and load-out of the event to keep guests separated from the back of house tasks.

Pest Control

Nature is a beautiful thing until it crawls on your legs or bites your unsuspecting guests. Insect repellent, citronella candles, and drink covers can help keep guests protected from unwanted pests. Depending on the location and prevalence of insects, you might hire an exterminator to cover the area. Keep in mind that there may be a time between the extermination and when food can safely be served in the area.

Weather Preparation

One of the most unpredictable elements for your outdoor event, creating plans for various weather scenarios is a must. Consider purchasing weather insurance for your event if foul weather could force it to be canceled. Monitor the weather reports and plan for extra hydration and misting stations if the temperature will be high. Scout out locations where tents and cover can be placed in the event of rain.

Planning an outdoor event is an excellent opportunity to get creative with design elements not available for indoor spaces. However, it can also prevent challenges unique to the outdoors. Keep these tips in mind for your next outdoor event.