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Recipes to Make Roasted Macaroni Delicious Deals

Macaroni Schotel or Roasted Macaroni is one of the famous pasta of Italy, The taste is savory and filling fit paired with tomato sauce or chili sauce.


Roasted macaroni is a pasta type food that came to Indonesia from colonial times first. Because of the growing era then this food is slightly improved and adjusted with the tongue of Indonesian society. Western food this you can serve the family at home as a new menu. To be more clear and you can feel it too, please see the reviews on presentation way.

Roasted Macaroni Ingredients

  • 100 gr macaroni, boiled until cooked
  • 50 gr cheddar cheese, shredded
  • 5 pieces of smoked beef, cut thin
  • 3 chicken eggs, shake
  • 600 ml of liquid milk
  • 1 pound of onion Bombay, finely sliced
  • 20 gr fresh/white butter
  • nutmeg powder
  • a spoon of pepper powder
  • spoon salt
  • 100 gr cheddar cheese, long grated

Tips on How to Make Baked Macaroni

  • Provide a skillet with butter, stir-fry onion until the aroma smells fragrant and fragrant.
  • Put the flour and water slightly into the stir, stir well until clot.
  • Pour the liquid milk slowly while stirring the dough to mix until evenly distributed.
  • Enter the previously cooked macaroni until cooked and smoked beef into the dough, stirring until evenly distributed. Lift.
  • Enter the eggs in a shake, pepper powder, salt, nutmeg powder and cheddar cheese solution, mix well.
  • Provide a baking sheet, spread with butter and pour the dough into a baking sheet and input the baking pan into the toaster.
  • Bake macaroons for 20 minutes at a temperature of 170 °. When inserted into the oven, soak the pan in a little water for the stability of the oven heat is maintained so that the macaroni mature. Lift.
  • Sprinkle the top with cheddar cheese and baked macaroni ready to serve.

Enjoy the specially roasted macaroons while still warm with your family. In order to taste more delicious again, you can add spicy sauce or ketchup. Makes macaroni roasted quite a long time, although you cape after you see the results of the taste of the cape will be lost because of your own homemade food to the maximum and satisfactory. good luck