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Recipe Makes Apple Fruit Jam Delicious

How to make apple jam is not so difficult and the ingredients are also very easy to get. So it hurts not if you try to make it yourself at home? Indeed, there are many shop or minimarkets that sell a variety of fruit jams, including apples. But if you can make it yourself, why not?


As we have seen before, nowadays a lot of food made with preservatives and artificial sugar which is certainly not good for the body. Therefore, you and your family should be vigilant. To anticipate, you can still enjoy the delicious jam apples by making your own at home. Here are the ingredients and how to make apple jam.

Ingredients Apple Fruit Jam

  • 6 fresh apples
  • 1.5 cups of sugar
  • 1 tbsp lemon or lime

How to make

  • The first thing you need to do to make apple jam is peeling the apple first then smoothed like juice. After the apple is really smooth, add lemon juice and sugar. You who have diabetes should not use too much sugar or can be replaced with low-sugar glucose corn.
  • Next, put all the mixed ingredients into the pan. Cook with low heat while stirring jam with regular movements. Do this so that the jam can be perfectly ripe and well blended.
  • After a few minutes of cooking, this half-baked apple jam will have foam or froth especially if it’s already boiling. Therefore, the thing you need to do is to filter the fruit jam until the foam disappears. Perform this filtering while cooking it in the pan.
  • When the foam has disappeared and the jam has changed brownish color, remove and leave until the jam is cold. Finally, you pack the apple jam in an airtight glass jar. Use only glass jars to make fruit jam more durable and healthy. For storage, it is better if you store in the refrigerator so as not to easily stale and mushrooming.